1080p HD Mini Button Camera

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This 1080p HD Mini Button Camera is an innovative device that reinvents the traditional concept of a button, offering top-notch surveillance. This tiny, but high-performing gadget beams images and videos at a stunning 1920*1080p resolution at 30fps, ensuring that no detail is missed. The button camera comes with a remote control that functions efficiently within a range of over 4 meters, giving you the ability to monitor your space comfortably.

Possessing the capacity to support a memory card of up to 128GB, our button camera can record for an extensive 16-hour period. With a strong battery life, this camera can continuously work for 90 minutes when fully charged. Should the need arise, you can keep the camera rolling 7/24 hours whilst it charges.

One of the amazing advantages of this product is the 2.4g wireless remote control range, which offers unhindered operation within a diameter of >4 meters. The exquisite design supports PC lenses, providing high-definition, clear videos.

The button camera offers 7/24 uninterrupted recording, meaning it has the capacity to record while charging. It is designed to override old recordings with new ones when the memory capacity reaches its peak in a cyclic format.

Additional key specifications include AVI and M-JPEG video format support, a 72-degree viewing angle, a storage capacity of up to 128GB, and a 250mAh battery. Charging is facilitated via an 8-pin mini USB, and fully charging the device takes approximately 3 hours. Moreover, with a charging voltage/current of DC 5V1A, this button camera is economical and consumes less power.

Choose to stay ahead of events in your environment with our 1080p HD Mini Button Camera. It's not just a gadget; it's a sentinel ensuring faithful security.


    • Video resolution 1920*1080p
    • Remote control range >4 meters
    • Frames 30fps
    • Video format avi,m-jpeg
    • Viewing angle 72 degree
    • Storage up to 128GB(optional accessories)
    • Battery capacity 250mah
    • Charging time is about 3 hours
    • Rec battery life about 90 mins 
    • Charging voltage/current DC 5v1a
    • Charging interface 8-pin mini USB

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