Plastic Plant Bonsai Tree With HD 1080P Camera

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Color: monstera
Bundle: Add 32G TF card

HD Plastic Plant Bonsai Camera – a masterpiece of art and technology that combines the captivating beauty of bonsai with cutting-edge surveillance capabilities.

This unique device seamlessly integrates into your home or office decor, blending nature's serenity with state-of-the-art surveillance.

Crafted from high-quality plastic, this miniature camera seamlessly blends with the natural aesthetics of your bonsai plants. The compact size makes it easy to position within your plant arrangements, without obstructing their growth or disrupting their ambiance. Its discreet design adds a touch of charm to your greenery, creating a whimsical sense of wonder.

Equipped with high-definition capabilities, this bonsai camera captures breathtaking footage of your plants' growth, documenting their journey through time.

Experience the magic firsthand as you watch every leaf unfurl, every bud bloom, and every root develop. From seedling to full-grown marvel, your bonsai plants become living works of art, all captured on this state-of-the-art camera.

Designed with the needs of plant lovers in mind, this camera is equipped with intelligent features to provide unparalleled convenience. Its innovative wireless connectivity allows you to seamlessly transfer and view footage on your mobile devices, no matter where you are. Stay connected to your green companions and effortlessly share their beauty with friends and family.


  • 1080P HD Pot Camera: Real-time video resolution is up to 1080P, You can remotely see the image in real-time from anywhere and intelligently monitor your home, office, or other indoors. to ensure that everything you care about is safe and healthy.
  • Remote Viewing & Video Playback: After the camera is connected to the Internet, it can support multiple devices to view remotely online at the same time, support IOS and Android
  • Motion Detection & Alarm Notification: After enabling motion detection, when the WIFI camera detects movement, the APP will send an alarm notification to your monitoring device.
  • WIFI Hotspot Mode: When you turn on the camera and see the flashing LED light, the camera sends out a WiFi signal. You need to connect your phone to it and start seeing the camera display on your phone! Once connected this way, you can see what's happening on your phone from a range of 10 meters (33 feet).
  • Remote control mode: Connect the device WiFi on the APP to the router, after the configuration is successful, you can remotely see the image in real-time anywhere

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