1080P Wifi Mini USB Charger With Camera

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Color: EU Plug
Bundle: Camera With 64G

Elevate your surveillance game with the 1080P Wifi Mini USB Charger with Camera – the embodiment of cutting-edge technology designed for your peace of mind.

Day or night, this exceptional device thrives, offering impeccable monitoring capabilities with a minimum illumination of just 1LUX, ensuring crystal-clear footage even in challenging low-light conditions. It's a promise of unwavering reliability, keeping you well-informed and in total control of your surroundings.

Efficient Compression, Endless Possibilities:

Equipped with the H.264 compression format, this camera is engineered to efficiently compress video files without compromising image quality. Say goodbye to concerns about running out of storage space – this gadget enables you to store more, preserving your precious data without compromise.

Wide-Angle Vision, No Secrets Uncovered:

Boasting a shooting range of 5 meters, this camera offers a sweeping field of vision that leaves no corner unattended. From expansive rooms to more confined spaces, it captures the complete scene with effortless precision, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

Sustainable Surveillance:

Designed for both convenience and cost-efficiency, the 1080P WiFi Mini USB Charger with Camera operates with low power consumption, drawing just 380MA/3.7V. Rest easy, knowing that it's not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective, allowing for continuous operation without draining excessive power.

Traveling also opens up a world of possibilities, but it also comes with its share of challenges.

Staying charged, capturing moments, and keeping your belongings safe are top priorities. Enter the USB cam - a must-have for modern travelers.

1. Document Every Moment: Never miss a memorable scene while charging your phone. Capture the essence of your adventure without compromise.

2. Protect Your Belongings: USB cams with motion detection enhance security. They silently watch over your valuables, providing peace of mind.

3. Stay Connected: Video chat with loved ones as you recharge, bridging the gap between distance and familiarity.

4. Monitor Your Surroundings: USB cams offer insights into your environment, ensuring safety and cultural immersion.

5. Adaptability: With various sizes and designs, USB cams suit any travel scenario, from wilderness adventures to urban exploration.

A USB cam is more than a gadget; it's your versatile, essential travel ally, enabling you to seize opportunities, capture experiences, and stay connected with confidence. Pack yours and elevate your next journey.



Resolution: Choose between 1080P and 720P, depending on your specific surveillance needs.

Video Format: AVI, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Motion Detection Camera Shooting: With a straight-line range of 6 meters, you can trust it to capture every significant moment.

Shooting Range: An impressive 5 meters, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage.

Consumption: Low power consumption of 380MA/3.7V, saving both energy and money.

Storage Temperature: Operating smoothly even in temperature ranges from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius.

The 1080P Wifi Mini USB Charger with Camera is not just a surveillance tool; it's an investment in security, reliability, and peace of mind. In today's fast-paced world, having eyes on your space, day or night has never been this effortless and sophisticated.

Whether you're safeguarding your home, office, or any environment that matters to you, this remarkable device ensures you're always in control, capturing every detail in exceptional clarity.

Trust in its capabilities and experience surveillance redefined.

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