Multi-function Spy Camera Detector

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The Multi-function Spy Camera Detector is a comprehensive device designed specifically for privacy protection. With a frequency range of 1 MHz to 6.5 GHz, it can swiftly detect a wide variety of hidden devices, including wireless cameras, GSM bugs, GPS trackers, and more. This detector operates effectively in private spaces such as hotel rooms, cars, or bedrooms, as well as in areas prone to privacy leaks, like meeting rooms or dressing cabins.

This device is not just a simple detector – it boasts four unique features. It can detect active RF bug transmitters like transmitting cameras, GPS trackers, and wireless audio bugs. The Camera Lens Finder function can identify hidden pinhole cameras via infrared laser scanning. Its Magnetic Field Detection feature finds unwanted popular GPS trackers. And, with a built-in flashlight, it ensures continuous operation, even in dim environments.

Embedded with new microprocessors, the upgraded ultra-sensitivity chipset allows the detector to function intelligently and precisely. It offers a comprehensive signal accumulation and algorithm, long battery life, and strong anti-interference characteristics. Enhancing the efficacy of the device, its 6-level sensitivity ensures you accurately detect even the most discreet signal source.

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